BL is the first version face mold released by Takara in 2001. The first 6 BL dolls (Parco, Mondrian, Hollywood, Rosie Red, Goldie, and Kozy) had far-glancing and "boggled eyes", soft matte faces, as well as poseable Licca bodies. After BL-6 (Kozy), they revised the eyelids so that they were more visible (not boggled) and did not look so far to the left or right. They also changed the faceplates from a matte to a very glossy plastic. Licca bodies were used until the release of the first anniversary doll in 2002, Miss Anniversary. After the release of Miss Anniversary, the BL mold was replaced by the EBL mold starting with Bohemian Beat.


BL releases from left to right: Parco, Mondrian, Hollywood, Rosie Red, All Gold in One, Kozy Kape, Aztec Arrival, Sunday Best, Dottie Dot. Photo Credit:Cybermelli.

BL Releases (in chronological order)Edit


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