Hollywood axelsrose

1st version Hollywood. Photo Credit: Axelsrose

Hollywood is the third Takara release. There is often confusion surrounding Hollywood because Takara released so many versions of her with subtle differences. There were three BL versions of Hollywood. The first release had a matte face with boggled eyes and a licca body. The subsequent versions were not boggled and had shiny faces. To add to the confusion, Takara later released an EBL version of Hollywood in 2003 with a shiny face and standard body. All BL versions of Hollywood came in a box with a mushroom-shaped cellophane window as opposed to the oval-shaped window that the EBL version has.

Release variations:

  • Original release: Matte face with boggled eyes (Licca body)
  • 2nd release: Very shiny face not boggled. (Also known as FAO Hollywood) (Licca body)
  • 3rd release: Semi-shiny face, not boggled, (standard body)
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