Bl sbl front puchicollective

Comparison photo between BL/EBL faceplate (left) and SBL faceplate (right). Photo credit: Puchi Collective

SBL or "Superior Blythe" is the third face mold Takara released. Introduced in 2003, the mold is characterized by its small oval eye shape relative to the other molds, and pursed lip shape.

Takara claimed that this mold was based on precise scans of the original Kenner dolls. The entire face design was overhauled including the internal structure of the head, eye mech, eyechips, scalp, and dome. SBL dolls all have the grayish or yellowish plastic eyeballs introduced with Fruit Punch. The eyechips and eyeball structure were altered to more closely resemble that of the Kenner dolls.

The new head structure consisted of a 3-piece construction as opposed to the 2-piece construction of the BL and EBL molds. This change proved to be a challenge to customizers as it was now neccessary to remove the scalp and saw through the dome in order to get the head open.

Many Blythe collectors were also frustrated with the SBL mold's eye mechanism which has an extreme downward gaze although this is said to have been corrected beginning with SBL-04, Sunday Very Best .

SBL Releases (In chronological order)Edit


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